Nouveautés 2024-2025

July 2, 2024

Year after year, Executive Education HEC Montréal pushes the boundaries of innovation with courses that bring you the latest in knowledge, skills and insights. In planning for 2024–2025, we doubled down on our efforts to develop programs that not only meet current industry needs but also anticipate future demand. We are delighted to let you know about our newest offerings coming this fall to energize the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Certification programs

We have added two certification programs to our lineup to tackle key issues facing business professionals:

Something else you’re sure to appreciate: upon successful completion of these programs, you will now receive digital credentials, so you can quickly and easily share your accomplishments on any platform.

Digital intelligence

The ability to leverage generative AI is an important skill to develop in 2024–2025. That’s why we created the following three programs to help you optimize your use of this revolutionary technology and boost your organization’s efficiency:

Management programs

We have also rolled out several new management programs aimed at broadening your horizons. Among these is a course delivered in collaboration with the École nationale de l’humour — a first for Executive Education HEC Montréal!

International programs

As part of our mission to train dynamic business leaders who drive company growth, we are focused on further expanding our offerings in 2024. Plus, if your organization has international offices, we are very excited to announce that we can make all of our courses and customized training programs available to you in line with your needs.

And be sure to keep an eye out for other new courses throughout the year!

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