Nouveauté : un volet quantique pour CDL-Montréal

12 April 2024

New: A Quantum Stream for CDL-Montréal

Following on from AI, supply chain and blockchain/Web3, CDL-Montreal, powered by Executive Education HEC Montréal, is adding quantum to its offering, amplifying its relevance and attracting interna...

Enrichir son bagage en éthique et conformité

11 April 2024

A Deep Dive Into Ethics And Compliance

Paul Robert, Senior Director, Legal Affairs and Human Resources, and Corporate Secretary for The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. (JCCBI), has been dealing with ethics and compliance issu...

2024 : quatre nouvelles compétences essentielles en entreprise

19 March 2024

2024: Four new essential business skills

Now, like never before, businesses have to equip their people to face a number of emerging challenges, starting with those related to artificial intelligence and ethics. Their success depends on it.

Intelligence artificielle : une question de responsabilité sociale

13 March 2024

Artificial intelligence: A matter of social responsibility

 L’intelligence artificielle (IA) est sans conteste d’actualité. Mais les innovations qu’elle nous propose et les dérives qui peuvent en découler suscitent encore plusieurs questions. Comment faire...

Vers un avenir durable : L'évolution des pratiques ESG dans la réduction des émissions de carbone

04 March 2024

A Sustainable Future: the Evolution of ESG Practices to Reduce Carbon Emissions

From the role of publicly traded companies to private sector investment, the transition to a low-carbon economy is one of the greatest challenges of our times. For businesses, this transition depen...

Génération Z et monde du travail : la révolution est-elle inévitable?

28 February 2024

Are Gen Zers Really Shaking Up the World of Work?

Born between 1997 and 2010, Gen Z is hitting the job market. And they are thought to have certain defining traits: Gen Zers, or Zoomers, are said to be unwilling to compromise, to put their persona...

La génération Z : une révolution inévitable dans le monde du travail?

07 February 2024

Is The Gen Z Workplace Revolution A Foregone Conclusion?

The recording of the Rendez-vous ED x La Presse webinar “Is the Gen Z Workplace Revolution a Foregone Conclusion?” is now available to watch online (in French).

La force du binôme autochtone et allochtone

06 February 2024

The Power of Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Parternships

Would you like to learn the keys for developing relationships with Indigenous communities? This unique program, offered by Executive Education HEC Montréal, in collaboration with First Na...

Quatre stratégies clés pour diriger en 2024

05 February 2024

Four key strategies for leading in 2024

February 05, 2024 Pandemic, financial instability, social movements: the world of work is more fluctuating than ever. How to lead in an era of change? Réal Jacob suggests four key strategies.“Leade...