Isabelle Lord

President and Founder, Lord Communication managériale Partner, Humance

MSc (Management), DESS (Organization and Human Resources), CHRP (Fellow)

A professional certified coach (PCC) and a sought-after executive trainer, Isabelle Lord draws on the concept of managerial communication to promote communication as a powerful tool for optimizing management processes. Through her work as a strategist, coach and communication expert, she has helped put more than 200,000 managers on the path to success.

Her pragmatic approach reflects the realities faced by her clients and is rooted in constructive feedback. She is also the author of five best-selling books: The Inspirational Manager (Gestionnaires inspirants), The Courage to Speak (Le courage de dire), L’étoffe d’un leader, Sustainable Influence (L’influence durable) and, her latest publication, The Art of the Question (L’art de la question).