Pascale Dubois

Adjunct Professor Georgetown Law

Pascale Dubois is an independent expert and long-standing specialist in the fight against corruption.

Pascale recently retired from the World Bank Group (WBG), where she was the VP of Integrity (INT), leading the WBG’s investigative efforts and the pursuit of sanctions in connection with allegations of fraud and corruption on WBG-financed projects, in addition to corporate compliance and prevention. She previously served as the World Bank’s first ever Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer, and prior to that she managed the ground-breaking Voluntary Disclosure Program in INT and also worked as an operational lawyer advising the Africa region for seven years. Before joining the WBG, Pascale was in private practice in the U.S. and Belgium for 10 years.

Pascale served as Co-Chair of both the International Bar Association (IBA)’s Anti-Corruption Committee and the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of International Law’s Anti-Corruption Committee, where she remains senior advisor.