Luciano Barin Cruz

Professor, HEC Montréal

MSc, PhD (Management Sciences)

Luciano Barin Cruz is a professor in the Department of Management at HEC Montréal. He is also in charge of the IDEOS Social Impact Hub at HEC Montréal, the Sustainability Mindset Module of the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA program and several modules of the International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) at McGill. In addition, he has been the driving force behind the creation of an ecosystem on societal impact for HEC Montréal’s strategic plan and holds a research professorship on organizational models and social impact.

He currently leads the SEED Network, an initiative to build the capacity of local microfinance and entrepreneurship proponents in developing countries, in addition to chairing the Board of Directors of the Maison de l’innovation sociale and sitting on the HEC Montréal Board.

Dr. Barin Cruz has worked on multiple projects in the areas of social impact, international development and sustainable development, in collaboration with such organizations as the Inter-American Development Bank, the Government of Quebec, Desjardins International Development, the Bureau d’intégration des nouveaux arrivants à Montréal, Espace pour la vie and TV5 Québec Canada.

His research has been published in the Journal of Management Studies, Organization, World Development, Business & Society, the Journal of Business Ethics, Management Decision and the Journal of Cleaner Production, among others.