A new designation for Certification in Ethics and Compliance (CEC) program participants
22 June 2022
Une nouvelle désignation pour les participants certifiés en éthique et conformité (CEC)

All those who have completed the required number of training days in the Certification in Ethics and Compliance program and passed the final exam will now be able to use the CEC designation, approved by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Professionals who meet these eligibility requirements can include these initials after their signature and in their online profile. This designation indicates that they are qualified to:

  • Implement and manage a compliance program within their organization
  • Actively promote a culture of ethical integrity
  • Take action in response to ethics-related issues and introduce concrete solutions
  • Play an advisory role in addressing fraud, corruption, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The CEC designation is a pledge of quality and expertise that is recognized Canada-wide. It is reserved for those who have completed the certification program developed by Executive Education HEC Montréal.

The importance of ethics

The Certification in Ethics and Compliance program was created by Executive Education HEC Montréal in 2019, spearheaded by Ginette Depelteau and Simon Denault, former colleagues at CDPQ.

At the time, there were no training programs in Quebec designed to provide managers and executives with the tools to deal with critical ethics and compliance issues.

In collaboration with its two founding members, CDPQ and Hydro-Québec, Executive Education HEC Montréal developed the first and only program in the province to promote best practices in this field. Emmanuel Lulin, former Senior Vice President and Group Chief Ethics Officer at L’Oréal, was brought on board as the program sponsor.

Stéphane Rousseau, the academic program co-director, said, “Participants can apply the skills and information they learn to their organization. The program provides them with analytical tools and guidelines they can use to put an ethics and compliance protocol in place and make it their own. The aim is to support the development of all those who are contending with increasingly stringent requirements with regard to responsible business conduct.”

High-level certification

Osler, KPMG and the Desjardins Group are also partners in this initiative, which enables participants to:

  • Broaden their knowledge of ethics and compliance with regard to decision-making, organizational culture, regulatory frameworks and tendering processes
  • Learn more about tools they can implement within their organization
  • Expand their network of contacts.

Conversations about best practices take place during the program’s workshops, roundtable discussions with specialists in the field and lunch-and-learn sessions. Issues related to fraud, corruption, cybersecurity, data privacy, discrimination and harassment are among the other topics explored.

“Nothing is black and white these days. It’s all grey,” said Ginette Depelteau. “We need to stay one step ahead of the game and be ready to manage crises as they occur. This certification program will help people be more confident in handling issues of this nature. And the CEC credential will be representative of the commitment, professionalism and unique expertise of ethics professionals and serve as a key differentiator in their chosen field.”


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