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With over 12,000 satisfied learners (and counting!), our Fundamentals programs are a tried-and-true solution for helping you develop sought-after skills and enhancing your marketability.

Be more confident and persuasive in communicating with the people in your organization. Become that go-to person who can sway others to your way of thinking. Learn powerful leadership tactics and strategies and make them your own, so you can play the office politics game — and win!

The sounder the foundations of a project, the better its chances of success over the longer haul. Get a better handle on each of the steps involved in project management and engage your employees like never before. Boost your organization’s productivity to develop and maintain your competitive edge and meet your strategic objectives.

Learn more about the role and importance of emotions in your leadership journey. This program will enable you to acquire and fine-tune skills related to emotional intelligence and easily integrate them into your professional life. Build positive work relationships and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be!

Learn the basics of corporate finance and accounting. Using practical examples, you will develop your ability to read and interpret financial reports for the purpose of zeroing in on your business’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluating your overall performance.

Look inward to recognize your strengths and gauge your impact on others. Take stock of your leadership progress and learn how to conquer your blind spots. Draft a development plan that sets out what you want to achieve and examines what is holding you back so you can elevate your effectiveness as a leader. This program offers a unique learning approach that combines reflection, discussion and shared insights. All courses are given online from 9 a.m. to noon.