Aurélie Sauthier

Co-Founder, Made in and Lecturer, HEC Montréal

MSc (Marketing), HEC Montréal

Aurélie Sauthier, a visionary entrepreneur and influential figure in content and influencer marketing, co-founded Made in in 2012. The agency, with offices in Montréal and Paris, gained recognition for its innovative approach to content creation and influencer marketing.

Under her leadership, Made in revolutionized brand-audience connections, leveraging social media's influence and forging powerful partnerships with top-tier influencers for impactful campaigns. Aurélie's exceptional leadership skills drove Made in to unprecedented success, expanding its client roster to include multinational corporations and achieving consistent excellence.

Known for her philanthropic endeavors, Aurélie actively supports causes like education and women's empowerment, promoting ethical practices in the influencer marketing industry. Aurélie's innovative thinking and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, invitations to speak at conferences, and features in prestigious publications.

As the president and co-founder of Made in, Aurélie continues to shape the future of content and influencer marketing, with offices in Montréal and Paris. Remaining at the forefront of innovation, her passion for creative storytelling and commitment to delivering exceptional results solidify her position as a prominent figure.