Raymonde Lévesque

Lecturer HEC Montreal

B.Ps., DESS (Management), MSc (Management)

Raymonde Lévesque is a lecturer at HEC Montréal, where she teaches two graduate-level courses on leadership skills and management. She also gives seminars on people management and managerial courage at Executive Education HEC Montréal and is a contributor to the international MBA Essentials program. She brings 20 years of senior management experience and insight to her teaching.

In addition to being a regular guest on a number of radio and television programs, she is a professional coach dedicated to helping executives hone their management and leadership skills. She has contributed to many organizational initiatives and studies on leadership development and executive coaching. She is also a seasoned corporate trainer specializing in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, negotiation and management skills.

In addition, she is a sought-after speaker with 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist.