Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez

Telecom & IT Engineer, Microsoft

MSc (mobile communications), MBA

Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez is a Senior Cloud, Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft, as well as the industry lead at the Spanish Observatory of Ethical AI (OdiseIA).

He has previously worked as a senior consultant and product owner in AI and data science with CGI Canada and IVADO Labs, Head of Customer Success for Canada, and other data-driven companies in Europe and Latin America.

He is a trainer for the École des Dirigeants at HEC Montreal, the Continuing Education Department at Concordia University, and online training courses for O'Reilly Media, Linux Foundation, ICTC, etc. He also collaborates with 2U / GetSmarter as a tutor and facilitator for MIT Sloan's AI and Blockchain and Harvard VPAL's Fintech Executive Training courses.

His areas of expertise are artificial intelligence, ethics and responsible AI, big data and cloud-enabled systems, data-driven corporate strategy, national AI strategies and regulations, telecommunications, and the Internet of Things.