Christine Beaulieu

Lecturer, HEC Montréal and CEO, Gestion Christine Beaulieu inc.


Christine Beaulieu is an accomplished businesswoman and senior strategy consultant in organizational development, project management, change management and process improvement.

Her areas of interest include leadership, team-building, communication, motivation, writing and presenting, conflict management, interpersonal negotiation, change management, influence and persuasion, and the management of different generations and cultural challenges in the workplace.

With ties to many Canadian universities, Ms. Beaulieu has developed a variety of executive education programs on topics as varied as IT, project management, business analysis, management, interpersonal skills, change management and retail best practices. She is known for her expert implementation of approaches that boost employee engagement on projects of all sizes. The management practices she has developed have won widespread acclaim. She is also a sought-after speaker for private and public events alike.