Equip your company and its talents to emerge stronger from this crisis!
17 April 2020
Outillez votre entreprise - programme PACME

Discover the PACME

The new government program offering financial support for training

Quickly take advantage of the Concerted Actions for Job Retention Program (PACME) offered by the provincial government and which can finance up to 100% of expenses incurred for business training projects.

The Executive School offers tailor-made training services in various areas of management to respond to the challenges linked to the pandemic. Here are examples of eligible training.

Human Resource Management :

  • develop the skills of your teams during the crisis, to reskill or maintain jobs;
  • introduce contingency plans to continue or diversify your operations;
  • prepare for the resumption of your activities and increase your business income.

Digital Commerce and Marketing:

  • develop integrated digital marketing strategies;
  • develop tactics to attract, convert and retain customers;
  • identify the strategic issues related to digital marketing (B2C);
  • Take advantage of the capabilities of benchmarking indices.

The management school's expert advisors are available to assist you in identifying, developing and disseminating training programs beneficial to the maintenance and prosperity of your business.

To obtain this financial assistance from the Quebec government, you have until September 30, 2020 to submit your training project; if the budget is not exhausted before this date. Be quick!