May 03, 2024

In keeping with our commitment to innovation and excellence, Executive Education HEC Montréal is now offering digital credentials, a modern and easy way for learners in our certification, Essentials and Ascension programs to share their accomplishments with professional networks all over the world.

“Our team is delighted to offer this new type of recognition to our learners. Digital credentials are not only a more sustainable and practical way of validating acquired competencies, but they are also a powerful tool for career growth.”

- Michelle Vaillancourt, Director of Communications and Programs, Executive Education HEC Montréal

Programs Offering Digital Credentials


  • Certification in Retail Management
  • Certification in Marketing Communications
  • Certification in Digital Marketing
  • Certification in Organizational Development
  • Certification in Ethics and Compliance
  • Certification in Corporate Finance
  • Certification in Media, Culture and Entertainment
  • Essentials

  • MBA Essentials
  • MBA Essentials – Advanced Program
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Program for Current and Aspiring Executives

  • Ascension
  • These credentials, which make use of the same blockchain technology used by Harvard University, are trusted, secure, verifiable and sustainable. Our move in this direction is a response to the growing need for digitization in education and the workplace.

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