April 12, 2024

Paul Robert, Senior Director, Legal Affairs and Human Resources, and Corporate Secretary for The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. (JCCBI), has been dealing with ethics and compliance issues for over 25 years. But it turns out the lawyer and seasoned manager still had much to learn from the Certification in Ethics and Compliance program. He has since been using his newfound knowledge to take the practices in his organization to the next level.

Taking this nine-day course, which he completed on February 9, 2024, had long been on his to-do list. The self-professed lifelong learner wanted to step back and take a comprehensive look at ethics and compliance. “I also wanted to get a better idea of the best approaches out there so I could enhance my own knowledge and refine JCCBI’s practices wherever there was room for improvement,” he said. “As a government corporation that administers public funds, we have to have an effective ethics and compliance program in place. It’s one of the ways we can secure the trust of the public and our partners.”


High-calibre instructors

The certification met his expectations in multiple regards, particularly in how it combined theory and practice, as well as the overall pacing. Divided into four modules and offered two days a month, the formula helped him strike a balance between the coursework and his actual job, and gradually integrate what he learned into his day-to-day professional life. He was also impressed by how knowledgeable the instructors were: “The opportunity to learn from such an impressive group of experts is incredible!”

A range of perspectives

He had similarly positive things to say about his fellow students and his interactions with them: “They were a very diverse group, who came to the program with lots of different points of view and areas of expertise. It was a chance for us all to grow and broaden our insight and understanding.” He hopes they will stay in touch and continue to learn from one other.

Consolidated processes

Among the many high points in the program, beyond the quality of the content and the excellence of the instructors, were the group discussions, which he found very enlightening. But in the end, every aspect of the course helped him hone his knowledge of ethics and compliance matters. “As I took stock of the situation at JCCBI, I was able to see that our practices are in line with industry standards,” he said, “but now I can see what will generate even more value for our organization.”

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