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We have brought hundreds of multifaceted professional development initiatives to life, either by adapting existing content to suit the individual needs of a company just like yours or by building courses from scratch in response to specific organizational challenges.

You, too, can draw inspiration from our flagship programs to meet your training objectives. Let us find the right solution for you!


Looking to invest in your high potentials and new managers? This program is a treasure trove of top management tools and a springboard you can use to enhance your competitive advantage in a meaningful way.

With this program, your organization will have everything it needs to embrace the digital revolution, with an integrated marketing strategy that maximizes the online visibility of your products or services and takes your performance to new heights.

This exclusive professional development formula, featuring 15 hours of mentoring, will guide you as you implement concrete solutions to address your company’s most pressing issues as you navigate through the current crisis.

Tap into the expertise of three top institutions to develop your digital business intelligence and data analytics so your organization can make the most of the information at your disposal.

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is here. Figuring out how AI can boost your productivity and streamline your operations is a must. Let us help you make sense of it all and map out your path to success.

Take advantage of our high-level expertise and the thriving ecosystem we have developed in conjunction with Queen’s Executive Education to meet your specific AI and data analytics needs.

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Grooming the Next Generation of Retail Managers

When the current leadership of a retail company teams up with respected experts to focus on succession planning and training in order to ensure the long-term continuity of an organization…

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Making Creative Leadership a Priority

When organizations promote professionals to a management role, they need to find smart ways of addressing the corresponding growth-related challenges by developing the leadership potential of these experts and turning it into a competitive advantage.

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Strengthening Management Skills to Increase Strategic Capacity

When a strong foundation is in place to provide across-the-board support within an organization, that’s a big win in terms of strategic capital. MBA Essentials can make all the difference, equipping executive teams with the tools they need to optimize their decision-making and face their strategic challenges head-on.

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Leveraging Digital Intelligence to Increase Productivity

When an entire organization works together to drive change and hone the digital intelligence of their teams, it does wonders for their productivity and takes their competitiveness to a whole new level.

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Developing expertise: even more relevant in times of instability.

When Robert Lalonde observed the impact of personnel management training in the fields of aerospace and transportation, he understood that the key lay there to enable the company to strengthen its human values and to navigate through the challenges, surpassing the uncertainties of the crisis affecting the entire industry.

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Cultivating the excellence of French-speaking managers throughout an entire community.

When a provincial organization invests in a training program that combines expert workshops, mentoring, and networking to develop the leadership and management skills of education managers, the benefits extend to an entire community. This is what AGÉFO and the École des dirigeants HEC Montréal achieve together.

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Strengthening management skills for physician executives nationwide.

When a medical association decides to provide customized management training for physician executives, it takes a step that benefits both doctors, patients, and healthcare networks across Canada. This is the initiative that Médecins francophones du Canada has taken by creating "L’essentiel du MBA pour médecins" in collaboration with the École des dirigeants HEC Montréal.

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