Réal Jacob

Professor emeritus, HEC Montréal

MPs (Industrial Psychology), CEA (Labour Studies)

Réal Jacob is a management professor emeritus and member of the Centre d'études en transformation des organisations at HEC Montréal. He was also co-director of the Catalytic Mindset module at EMBA McGill - HEC Montréal. He is the recipient of a Leaders in Management Education Award for the quality of his work as a professor and his impact on the Quebec business world. He has also been honoured with an award for innovation and knowledge transfer by the Centre francophone d’informatisation des organisations (CEFRIO).

He is co-author of Paroles de PDG and member of the jury Les Affaires - CEO of the year. His courses, speaking engagements and research all address the themes of change management, network management, learning organizations and knowledge management. Throughout his career, he has helped to promote collaborative and network-based approaches for various industry, healthcare and education applications. He was also the driving force behind the development of collaborative, cross-disciplinary platforms at HEC Montréal.