Ascension: Becoming a Catalyst for Change
28 October 2021
Ascension : se positionner comme catalyseur de changement
October 28, 2021

Mélissa Delaney

Ascension program for current and aspiring executives

Mélissa Delaney has been working as a mid-level healthcare manager for eight years. She has been tapped as a high potential by her employer. Armed with a master’s degree in healthcare and social services management, she was looking for ways to build further on her existing strengths to advance her career. The Ascension program for current and aspiring executives gave her that… and more!

A balanced mix of theory and practice

From the get-go, Mélissa knew this five-day program was right for her: “I was blown away the first day, specifically by how powerfully the subject matter was presented. It was exactly what I wanted.”

She liked that the program took a hands-on approach, but with plenty of theory to back it up. “We learned a lot about the habits of successful executives, which let us see how the theoretical aspects play out in real life. So in addition to the concrete tools we had to work with, we picked up key concepts that helped shape our thinking.”

Complementary points of view

Being able to share what they learned from experienced business leaders and talk to peers about how they deal with various challenges exposed Mélissa to multiple perspectives, which she found very useful: “Hearing so many different points of view that somehow complemented one another showed me that there’s no one model that does the job. You need to draw inspiration from a combination of sources to come up with your own way of doing things.”

Learning from top academic and business experts

Mélissa described the program instructors as dynamic, inspiring, well versed in the subject matter and generous with their insights. “Their passion was palpable. They could’ve gone on for hours. They even made themselves available after class if we had questions. They’re incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. The fact that they also come from a variety of backgrounds made for a rich learning experience.”

Moving forward through self-reflection

The program let her see the big picture, consider her role from a broader vantage point and rethink her relationship with the upper echelons of her organization. “I now have a better understanding of how management makes decisions, what their priorities are and how that impacts my work,” she said. “All this lets me be more effective in my own role.”

She also learned how to think more strategically and critically. The end result: she feels ready to put what she has learned into action when a career advancement opportunity comes along. “The day I’m promoted to a higher level of management, I’ll know what I have to do to be an effective leader and to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.”

All in all, the concrete examples of people who have successfully transformed their organizational cultures have given her a great deal of food for thought: “Seeing how some of the best leaders out there go about things makes me want to be a force for change within my own organization.”


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