Transform to thrive
16 June 2021
Se transformer pour prospérer
June 16, 2021

Nouvelle programmation 2021-2022

The last year has been synonymous with learning, and we have put it at the heart of our actions to transform ourselves. Thanks to the remarkable work and knowledge of an entire team of professors, experts and professionals, we have adapted to ensure your success and that of your organization.

We have renewed our offer and offer you more than 100 short-term training courses covering now crucial subjects such as remote team management or digital transformation.

Our programming has been enhanced, notably with 2 new certifications in digital marketing and organizational development, which are added to those in the following areas: retail, marketing communication, ethics and compliance and corporate finance. business.

A new sales and business development program was also included in the Essentials list, which already addressed key themes such as supply chain, leadership, people management and management. MBA Essentials is back, giving you an overview of the essential elements of content taught in the MBA.

At the heart of this 2021-2022 program, you will also find our 5 essential training courses, which more than 10,000 people have followed, as well as our programs for managers and next generation of managers, which stand out for their immersive and innovative content.

Always at the forefront, we continue our commitment to offer you the best experience, in 4 ways: online, in class, comodal or in business.

It is therefore with pleasure that we invite you to browse our 2021-2022 programming, adapted to your needs and those of your organization.